Student Record Regulations

Destruction of Student Records


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Massachusetts Student Record Regulation 603 CMR 23.06(3) states: “the temporary record of any student enrolled on or after the effective date of 603 CMR 23.00 shall be destroyed no later than seven years after the student transfers, graduates, or withdraws from the school system. Written notice to the eligible student and his/her parent of the appropriate date of destruction of the record and their right to receive the information n whole or part, shall be made at the time of such transfer, graduation, or withdrawal. Such notice shall be in addition to the routine information letter required by 603 CMR 23.10.” Therefore, the Sutton Public Schools Special Education Department has reviewed records of students who have left the district before July 1, 2001 and will initiate the destruction of those records.


Please notify the Special Education Department at 508.581.1615, by June 30, 2008, to review and receive these records prior to their destruction.