STAT  Guidelines

Student Teacher Assistance TEAM

A Regular Education Process


The following guidelines are provided as a tool to assist the district, schools and teams to provide consistency and continuity regarding student support services.

A.     Expressed Concerns:

1.      Concerns are expressed to/among:

a.      Building Administrator

b.      Guidance Counselor

c.      School Psychologist

2.      One or more of the following individuals has expressed concerns regarding a students program and/or well being:

a.      Parent/Guardian

b.      Student

c.      Teacher

d.      Administrator

e.      Staff Member

f.        Physician

g.      Other Individual(s) Providing Service(s) to the student

B.     The student's classroom teacher will review the cumulative record file and confer with the guidance counselor, regarding, but not limited to, the following:

1.      District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)

2.      Previous Educational Study Team reports

3.      Individual Student Success Plan

4.      Special Education Records

5.      Section 504 Records

6.      Title 1 Records

7.      Remedial Program(s) Records

8.      Individual and/or group test

C.     The student's classroom teacher/guidance counselor will meet with the School Psychologist to review the status of assessments either previously completed, in process, and/or planned.

D.     The STAT will assign the appropriate individual to contact the student's parent/guardian to discuss the referral to the STAT.

1.      Referral to the STAT does not automatically denote referral to:

a.      Special Education

b.      Section 504

c.      Title 1

d.      Other Support Services

E.      Concerns Checklist

1.      The teacher and/or individual(s) making a referral to the STAT will complete the appropriate Concerns Checklist(s)

2.      The teacher and/or individual(s) making the referral to the STAT will make an appointment to meet with the STAT

F.      STAT Composition

1.      The school guidance counselor will chair the Student Teacher Assistance Team

2.      Core members of the EST include:

a.      School Psychologist

b.      Guidance Counselor

c.      Regular Education Administrator, as appropriate

d.      Other school personnel and specialist as necessary

3.      Parent/Guardian and Student, fourteen years of age or older, will be invited to participate in the STAT process

4.      All STAT efforts must be documented and maintained on file with the District

a.      Cumulative Record file at the student's school

b.      Accommodations related to area(s) of concern

c.      Section 504 file, if referred to/receiving services under Section 504

d.      Special Education file, if referred to/receiving services under Special Education

G.     The school guidance counselor will sign the STAT form and forward it to the building principal and Director of Special Education.