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áHigh School
Students: áIf you have not purchased a parking pass, you cannot park on school grounds. áIf you have a parking pass, please remember to put it out so it can be easily viewed while you're parked.
Faculty: áIf there aren't any parking spaces available in the rear TEACHER'S
lot, you must park in the front of the building, not the larger STUDENT lot.
Parents are reminded that if you're picking your child up at the end of the school day to please pull all the way forward around the island in the front of the High School/Middle School driveway. áAs cars begin to leave the area after they're pick-up, continue to pull forward. áPlease do not leave your cars unattended in the circle. Thank you!
March 27, 2017
Junior & Senior Girls Self Defense Class
For a few hours, myself, Offs. McGee and Avey talked with some of our Junior and Senior Class girls about situational awareness, reducing risks in their lives and strategies to help protect themselves once their in college or the working world. áWe held a short classroom session first followed by some hands on skills where the girls were able to strike some bags and practice the skills we showed them.

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March 24, 2017
Pre Prom Presentation from Sarah Panzau Evans
Somewhere between life as a competitively driven high school athlete and the early years of college, Sarah began heading down a destructive path. Sarah found herself hanging out with the wrong crowd, getting more out of drugs and dangerous levels of alcohol than hitting the books and spiking a volleyball. áSarah shared her story with our HS Seniors, Juniors and any Sophmoresáwho were planning on attending the Prom. á
After Sarah spoke, the feedback from both the faculty and students who attended her presentation was extremely positive. áSarah's message touched so many who listened to her speak. áFor more information about Sarah Panzau Evans, you can check out her website at:á
Below Left: Sarah tells the story of her drunk driving crash that changed her life forever. áBelow Right: áVP Dan Delongcham with Sarah and myself before her presentation. áBelow Center: áSarah captivated the audience from the moment she walked into the auditorium.

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November 21, 2016
MIAA Learn to Lead Workshop

Myself, Athletic Director/Spanish Teacher Christina Tuomala and Spanish Teacher Colleen Motyl-Szary chaperoned a group of 9th grade girls as they attended the MIAAá(Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association) "Learn to Lead" workshop for young ladies. áOur group spent the day working on leadership skills such as interpersonal skills and how you can positively influence people around you.

October 6, 2016

Myself and Vice Principal Dan Delongchampátook a group of Sutton 10th graders to the DCU for the Worcester County District Attorney Office's HYPEDD (Helping Youth Prevent and Educate Against Drunk Driving) event. The first part of the event had KeynoteáSpeaker Sarah Panzau (center of pic in black tank top). áPanzauáhad a powerful presentation about her own drunk driving crash that nearly took her own life 13 years ago. áPanzau's presentation was rooted in the reality of what could happen if you made the decision to drink and then drive. The second part of the event was a brief workshop presentation from Worcester News Tonight, Channel 3, about how to make an effective public service announcement. áYou see, the students we brought to the DCU are now tasked with developing their own drunk driving PSA which could be shown on Channel 3. áThis public service announcement project is slated to span the next several months into the Spring time and Mr. Delongchamp and I will be overseeing the project. I'm looking forward to seeing what the kids will create!

If you'd like more information about Sarah Panzau's story, you can go http://sarahsjourney.com/

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á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á September 2016 ~ Welcome Back!
It's hard to believe that the summer has come and gone and we're full swing into the new school year. This year there have been some changes with the High School Seniors and they're ability to come and go from school throughout the day, otherwise known as "Open Campus". áOpen Campus rules and guidelines are in the student handbook as well as the new "Social Host Law" consequences that may apply to students if they are involved with hosting a party where there is underage drinking taking place. áMyself and the other members of the Sutton Police Department are committed to making sure that our students stay safe and make positive choices when both in and out of school.


Graduation 2016

Pictured: Christina Tuomala, Jennifer Herzog, Sofia Hernandez, Coleen Motyl-Szary, Mike Stone and myself.
I had the opportunity to take part in this year's graduation at Mechanics Hall on June 2nd. áAlong with wishing the graduates well, we had some fun before the ceremony started!á

This year it was the first year the graduates had their walk through of all of the schools before they graduated! áIt was great to see all of the District's student body and faculty cheer on the Seniors as they strolled down the halls one last time.
á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á ááá
á á á á á á á ááá á á áááSenior Ireland Stewart

10th Grade "Day for Change"
I was partnered up for the day with Scott Kennedy, the HS Gym teacher along with one of the school's Peer Advocates. áThe day consisted of games and exercises that dealt with relationships, treatment of others as well as team work. áThe day was about going beyond your comfort zone and helping one another grow and learn from each other.
Prom 2016á
Providence Biltmore Hotel

On Friday, May 15th the SHS Junior/Senior Prom took place at the Providence Biltomore Hotel. áIt's the time of year that is filled with excitement and anticipation for the students who were attending the prom, but it is also a time of concern for those of us adults who know that one decision could impact their future for years to come on this special night. áMyself, Principal McCarthy and Vice Principal Delongchampáspoke to the students about making good decisions and thinking about how their decisions could impact them before dismissal this day. áIt was now all on them.....Prom time came and everyone looked elegant and classy and they brought all of their excitement to the dance floor after dinner. áFaculty and staff had a great time mixing among the students and dancing the night away with them. áOverall, a fun and successful night!
á á á á á á
L to R: SHS Guidance Secretary Lisa Galipeau, Myself, á á á á á á á á á á á á L to R: SHS Senior Kristen Palmer, Myself,
áá á á á á á áand SHSáSecretary Terri Senecalá á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á SHS Senior Brianna Keith

á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á
á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á áSpirit Week ~ April 4th through 8th
á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á áá
á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á áá"Twin Day" with Mrs. Senecal

One of the fun things I've been able to do throughout the year is interact with the students through their journalism class and the school's newspaper. áIn previous issues of the school's paper there have been articles about Rape Aggression Defense programs that we're trying to launch in the high school as well as the Sutton Police Department's ongoing district wide ALICE (alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate). áI was excited when contacted by one of our SHS seniors who was interested in writing an article about the ALICE training that was conducted during the high school's February Professional Development day. áKaylee Cudjoádid a great job on her article and I appreciate her interest in this important topic!
á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á
áá á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á "The Movement", Volume I, Issue III á á á á á á á á á á á á

á á á á á á á á á á á á á á
March 21, 2016 - World Down Syndrome Day
Anyone who has been in the Sutton School District for any amount of time knows this popular lady right here, Kylee! áI think of Kylee as the "Mayor" around here becauseáKylee knows everyone, and everyone knows Kylee! áShe's a busy little lady with all of her tasks and jobs and definitely makes my day when I see her because she is not shy about teasing me or giving me a hard time! áI was trying to catch up to Kylee in the hall one day to see if we could take this picture together, so I yelled out to her to wait for me so we could walk together to her classroom.....far be it from me to think she would listen to a cop! HA! áKylee gave me a run for my money that morning, but I was able to make her stay still just long enough to have this pic taken.....So let's celebrate the "Mayor" on this special day!á
á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á
February 2016
Our student's safety is a top priority for us at the police department. áAs part of our commitment to improve safety, I have been conducting A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) training throughout the district this year. áDuring the High School's Professional Development day this month, all of the faculty and staff participated in the training where they were presented with a set of circumstances and then they had to react. áNobody wants to think of ever having to use this type of training, but being prepared for an emergency could make all the difference if an emergency occurred. áI couldn't do all of this training without the help of our area School Resource Officers. áEach time I have needed help with conducting this training, my colleagues from the area have stepped up. áPictured below from L to R: áDouglas SRO Brett Fulone and Officer Tony Yaninno, MendonáSRO Ed Pokornicki, Uxbridge SRO Dan Deveaux, Northbridge SRO Tom Dejordyáand Sgt. Steve McFaul from the Millbury Police Department.
á á á á á
Sutton High School's Faculty and Staff
á á á á á á á á á á áá

September 2015

The start of the school year brought new challenges in getting to know all of the students and faculty. áI have an open door policy that allows for anyone to stop by at any time throughout the day. áBy having my office door (which is located directly off of the cafeteria in the "Administration Area" open, it hopefully will show the school's community that the Sutton Police are approachable and welcome conversation with their community members. áThis also has allowed me the opportunity to get to know so many of you (faculty and staff) since the supply of candy on my desk is what's drawing people in in the first place! áHomecoming Dance was also a fun way to interact with the kids and get to know them outside of my usual School Resource Officer role. áLet's just say that the kids weren't the only ones dancing that night!

We're currently working on getting a RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) training class together for our Senior girls. áThis class is 12 hrs long and is typically broken up into 4, 3 hour sessions. áWe have about 26 girls signed up as interested and we're working out the logistics of class dates now!

December 2015
We were lucky this year that the UMass Memorial Injury Prevention Unit was able to visit the school with their Distracted Driver program that's called Teen D.R.I.V.E. (if you click on the TEEN DRIVE link below you will be redirected to the UMass website with additional information). áJuniors and Seniors were allowed to participate in this unique educational experience where they learned the dangers of distracted driving and driving while impaired. áWe have already reserved this program for Prom season in 2017 where it will be presented by two guest speakers, UMass trauma surgeon Dr. Hirsh and traumatic brain injury survivor, David Wright, in addition to the distracted driver simulator...

Teen D.R.I.V.E.

UMass Memorial's Distracted Driver Simulator


SHS Seniors Taylor Dunster & Taylor Arthaud going through the impaired driver simulation.
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